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Bloomington, IN remodeling
Bloomington, IN remodeling
Bloomington, IN remodeling
Bloomington, IN remodeling
Bloomington, IN remodeling
Bloomington, IN remodeling

Client Reviews

Brian built our custom-designed home in the Renwick subdivision, helping us with our original concepts and adapting them with common-sense efficiency. We toured his homes in Litton Estates, Ellettsville, and we were very impressed with how solid is homes were built.

We had a specific open floor plan, and we had to adapt it to Renwick's specifications, specifically the garage setback from the front of the house. Brian's calm common sense helped us navigate the process. Brian was quite clear in communicating the timeline, accounting for any possible changes. He kept us updated, answered all of our questions and welcomed us into the process.

We had high hopes, based upon Brian's work that we had seen. He exceeded them in all areas - from planning to materials, from foundation to finishing. Yes, there were a few changes (to the plans), but thanks to his help on the original planning, they were minimal. When they did arise, he notified us immediately, walked us through the process and helped us reach a fast decision on how to proceed.

(We are) extremely satisfied. His patience with us complemented his persistence in getting the project done. We would recommend him- and we have. His willingness to walk us through the process, to take our questions and build upon our ideas - he made a tough process much, much smoother, from start to finish. In fact, we've shown our finished home to his prospective clients. That's how pleased we are with his work.


My wife and I initially met Brian while sitting in front of a home he was building. He approached and asked if we would like to walk through the house. We did and liked the floor plan. We proposed certain floor plan and feature changes we wanted and asked him to price the package out for us. Most of this exchange took place through e-mail although we did meet a couple of times over a meal.

Brian helped us pick out and acquire a lot suitable for the home. He also provided a full list of vendors he worked with but gave us full freedom to shop elsewhere for any of the many selections we made in the building process.

We made numerous changes in the agreed upon plan as the house progressed. Brian was always prompt and courteous in his responses to our requested changes. All changes and credits or debits that accompanied the changes were in writing. He met us at the worksite whenever we expressed the need to walk through either work in progress or changes we wanted. We made cabinet selection at the cabinet shop about an hour and half drive away. Brian went us and provided all assistance requested.

We had sold our home some months earlier and had rented a house which sold while we were there. Brian accelerated the building timeline and finished our home a full month earlier than he and we had agreed on in order to keep us out of a short term rental which would have been required by the having to vacate to accommodate the new owners.

The punch list issues have been promptly addressed.

I strongly recommend Brian Hearne because he is capable, courteous, fair, excellent with his communications, personable, and easily accessible throughout the building process.


We had actually met Brian a couple years prior looking at a home he had built that was for sale. We were blown away by the detail and 'over build' of the home with grand features. My handyman Dad saw the home while in town and when you impress him you have really created a masterpiece. So when we decided to design a custom home we spoke to a few different builders before we looked at each other and said "We have to find Brian Hearne." So I emailed him, and of course he showed us other homes he had built since, but it was an obvious match to us!

We went to Brian with a custom home floor plan that we had designed. Things were tweaked along the way, but the overall design did not change.

Brian always exceeded our expectations. He is not afraid to go out of his way, work late, or do it himself if someone else can not.

There was an estimated timeline of 6 months. We ended up moving in around 7 ½ months. Brian kept us posted the entire time and never gave us the hope of moving until he was sure that was the next step. We built a custom home, picked out every single item in our home, and made minor changes along the way. Our theory is that we would not have wanted it finished a day sooner because we know the detail that went into it...and that is what makes a great home!

Brian uses the same crew for all of his projects. This is extremely important for quality control reasons. There were a few instances when we would meet with Brian and his subcontractors to describe exactly what the custom build was we had in mind, and they would all work together to make sure it was properly built out. The overall concept never changed, but we threw curve balls at Brian on a regular basis. Brian never batted an eye. He made the changes exactly as we wanted them or if for structural reasons he could not then we sat down together and came up with the best option to get the look we wanted.

Our new custom home is everything we dreamed it would be and more!

YES, we would certainly recommend Brian. He was on site daily during the building of our home to assure everything went smoothly. He met with us often to be sure we were all on the same page. And you just will not find anyone else who is more professional, caring, and hardworking! We have lived in our home for 6 months and Brian would still stop by if we called! We are just thrilled with everything about our new home and are huge fans of our builder Brian Hearne...how many people can say that after building a home?!


Our initial meetings occurred at a house that Brian was constructing in Emerald Trace. I had received his information from another individual that Brian was building a house for at the time and we liked the Amber Ridge/Emerald Trace area so we decided to see what he had to offer. Brian was very friendly and easy going at the initial meetings describing to us his building style and how he typically designs and builds homes. What we liked about him right off the bat was his openness to our input and needs. He showed us several different floorplans he had and let us know that he could modify any of his plans to fit our budget.

Honestly the design process went better than we imagined it could go. Brian took ideas from his existing homes and incorporated them with the design elements that we wanted and he literally blew us away with his vision for our house. I remember my wife and I were on the fence as to whether we wanted to build or buy an existing home, and after our meeting with him our mind was made up. He captured all of the design elements that we wanted and presented a beautiful concept to us with an even more attractive quote! I was very concerned initially because Brian set the expectations so high. I couldn't imagine him staying within our budget and still giving us the home that we wanted, but he exceeded our expectations greatly. I think he was able to do this because he constantly kept us involved in the process and adjusted the plan according to our needs.

We were in a rental and our landlord was inflexible with extending our lease, so Brian allowed us to move into one of his houses he had built for as long as it took him to build our house. That short term rental situation was invaluable to us because it allowed us to not rush the build and we didn't have to worry about signing and breaking a lease if our house was completed earlier than we expected. Brian always made himself available for questions or suggestions on the construction of the home.

Both my wife and I were very involved in the project because we wanted to make sure that our dream home was built exactly how we wanted it. We were involved in every decision from the cabinets, to the flooring, to the countertops and beyond. It was nice to know that we were getting exactly what we wanted. We definitely made changes during the process and Brian accommodated the changes gracefully.

We couldn't be happier with the home. We are extremely proud not only of the look of the house but also knowing the quality in which it was built. It is such a nice feeling to sit down on the couch at the end of the day, look around you, and know that you wouldn't change a thing! We absolutely have recommended Brian Hearne and will continue to recommend him to friends! The thing I like most about how Brian builds houses is the pride he takes in building a quality home. You can just feel the quality of the house when you walk into it.


Brian built the house that we purchased in spring 2011. Doug met Brian first, at an open house he attended with our Realtor. He found him very friendly and open. The home was already built when we first looked at it. We had a few changes that we requested and Brian was very helpful in getting those changes made. We changed a few things about the master bath after we had the accepted offer. Brian's people did the work and did a great job.

Brian has been very easy to work with and I trust him completely. I know he is good on his word. We are extremely pleased with our home. It is so well built and "solid". We have not had any problems with the home. Very happy with Brian as our builder.


Building your home is one of the most stressful things a couple can do. We really appreciated Brian's level head and calm nature. If something wasn't done exactly how we wanted Brian was more than happy to fix it or get it right. We always left our meetings happy and satisfied.

Brian listened to our wish list for our house and helped us to sort out the details. For most, cost is a concern when building a house and Brian was able to keep us on budget while still providing us with those items on our wish list.

Brian was always available, receptive and responsive to any questions or concerns pre and post completion....we never had any hesitation to call him. We would definitely recommend Brian to anyone considering building a home. We love our home!!